Is React Native Technology An Ideal Choice For Startups?

In the past, building mobile apps for startups was a big challenging task. As they had to establish on two separate platforms, Android and iOS. But now an era of cross-platform frameworks has begun.

Selecting the best framework for your startup app is the need of an hour if you want to grow your presence on Android and iOS platforms. According to a recent survey, statistics shows React Native is one of the leading technologies used around the globe. 42% of developers used this technology in 2020 and developed cross-platform applications for mobiles.

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React Native technology in simple terms

React Native is a mobile application framework that is based on JavaScript language. This technology enables developers to design hybrid mobile apps which can run on both i.e. Android and iOS. It is based on ReactJS which was released by Facebook in the year 2015 as an open-source project.

It lets you create an application by using the same code database. Allowing you with a set of components that work well on Android as well as iOS, helps to create apps with a native look.

If you’re running a startup business and thinking of choosing React Native to build an app, then this article will help you out in your decision-making.

How React Native can benefit your startup app?

1. Can reach the market in less time

The time taken for a particular app to go from the development stage to the hands of the customers is very vital for any startup company. More than 90% of the codebase is shared between Android and IOS if you happen to choose React Native. An average of 592 million apps is downloaded each day. The number will exceed 252 billion by 2020. This gives a scope of your mobile app to reach consumers.

2. Plenty of developers available

React Native is being used for more than half a decade and there is a huge marketplace for developers. So you can pick the talented programmers for your startup. If you are looking for the entire development team then we, at ReapMind Innovations will be more than happy to talk to you.

3. Supports third-party plugins

As we know, third-party plugins provide customization and React Native is one that supports third-party plugins. Hence, it uses JavaScript and native modules. So you can enhance your app with map functionality by connecting to a third-party plugin. So, this is the unique selling point of this technology.

4. Open Source Community

There is a large community of developers available online as React Native is open-source. If you have queries regarding React Native technology then you can find answers on GitHub or Reddit threads. As it is backed by Facebook, there are many developers who support the framework.

5. Allows hot loading

Hot loading allows adding new versions of files that have been edited during runtime while keeping the app running. As your code changes, your app will reload automatically. Hence, it accelerates the development time. This allows the app developer to proceed flexibly with the project.

6. Has ready-made solutions and libraries

React Native has inbuilt tools and libraries which speeds up the development process. You can use Nativebase to get a native look to your app. This has a collection of cross-platform React Native components and thereby helps in faster app development.

React Native solutions give high performance, more robust, and compatible to develop heavy complex animated or transition screens, allowing the majority of developers to choose this framework for app development.


Going with React Native technology is best if you want your product/service to reach the market faster with a scalable app that can be designed at a reasonable cost. You can use this technology in your app if the app needs to work offline, needs to interact with the phone’s hardware like GPS and camera, has heavy animations and security is a concern for your app.

We hope you must have understood why React Native is the best choice for mobile app development. If you are planning to implement this technology in your upcoming projects, and looking for a dedicated team then, ReapMind Innovations is at your service. Kindly contact us at

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